Leader in Deep Foundation Design and Steel Piling Manufacturing

We take the headache out of trying to figure out the best way to improve your foundation.

Ensure your home or business has a strong foundation

At Magnum Piering, we are here to help with all of your deep foundation design and steel piling manufacturing needs. Whether you are looking for qualified contractors, high-quality materials, exceptional customer service, or phenomenal product design, we have it all.

Reach out to one of our experienced sales representatives today to learn more information about our products and services.


The Magnum Piering Difference:

• Superior product design

• Exceptional product quality

• Authorized dealers and instructors

• Advanced engineering support

• Nearly four decades of foundation repair experience

Deep Foundation Design and Manufacturing experts Since 1981

The Leader in Deep foundation design and manufacturing, Magnum Piering's products are specified by engineers across the U.S. and Canada and are installed by qualified contractors who must meet or exceed Magnum Piering's selection. training, and certification process. Since 1981, Magnum's products and installing contractors have withstood the most important test of all - the test of time.

We take pride in our deep foundation design and manufacturing. we offer the best service and quality in foundation repair products.

  • Superior product design. Our helical piles, helix foundations, anchors, tie backs, resistance piers, and push piers are designed excellently with you in mind.
  • product quality. Our highest strength steel materials are manufactured according to regid quality control standards.
  • Authorized dealers and installers. We have unparalleled training and support program for nationwide network of installers.
  • Advancd engineering support. We offer geotechnical and structural engineering support for engineers.

Magnum Piering has been designing and manufacturing high-quality foundation repair products for almost four decades. We are proud to be one of the first foundation repair systems manufacturers in the U. S. Magnum Piering has taken a love for foundation repair combined with a deep, thoroughgoing expertise to become one of the leaders in the industry.

Even though we are some of the earliest foundation repair systems manufacturers on the scene, in many ways our story is just beginning. We have opened up a new manufacturing plant and world headquarters only withing the last decade, allowing us to both fuel and meet the ever-growing demand for Magnum helical pile products and Magnum push pier products.

Whether you are looking for unparalleled product design, high-quality materials, or exceptional customer service, Magnum Piering has it all. We are here to help your engineering vision come true. We even offer textbooks and are available for educational seminars. Whatever you need for foundation repair, Magnum Piering can accommodate. We are excited to pass on our love for foundation repair - from helical piers, push piers, helix foundations and more - and help make your installation, sustainable, and affordable. Contact us today to learn more about the products and services we offer.



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