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Magnum Piering CAD Drawings


Type of Project Description File Name
AutoCAD Data Adobe
Airport Hanger Partial Foundation Underpinning CRH6.dwg CRH6.dxf CRH6.pdf
Large House Renovation Complete Foundation Augmentation RRH7.dwg RRH7.dxf RRH7.pdf
Lakeside Home Partial Foundation Underpinning with Slope Stabilization RRHS1.dwg RRHS1.dxf RRHS1.pdf
Home with Basement Complete Foundation Underpinning Including New Patio RRH2.dwg RRH2.dxf RRH2.pdf
Warehouse Augmentation of Select Interior Columns CRH1.dwg CRH1.dxf CRH1.pdf
University Building Foundation Augmentation Including Battered Piles for Lateral Loads CRH2.dwg CRH2.dxf CRH2.pdf
Commercial Building Seismic Retrofit CRH3.dwg CRH3.dxf CRH3.pdf
Lakeside Home Stabilization of existing Concrete Retaining Walls RRP1.dwg RRP1.dxf RRP1.pdf
Oceanside Home Stabilization of Failed Timber Crib Wall RW3.dwg RW3.dxf RW3.pdf
Large Water Fountain Reinforced Concrete Structure with Cantilever Walls CNH4.dwg CNH4.dxf CNH4.pdf
Water Cistern Reinforced Concrete Matt Foundation CNH5.dwg CNH5.dxf CNH5.pdf
County Road Bridge Cast-In-Place Concrete Abutment GNBH32.dwg GNBH32.dxf GNBH32.pdf
6-Story Parking Garage Heavy Foundation Loads with Multiple Pile Caps  CNH31.dwg CNH31.dxf CNH31.pdf
27,000 SF Health Club Column Pad and Grade Beam System CNH8.dwg CNH8.dxf CNH8.pdf
Boardwalk Trex Decking Over Drop Beams CNH33.dwg CNH33.dxf CNH33.pdf
6-story Apartment Building Heavy Reinforced Matt CNH9.dwg CNH9.dxf CNH9.pdf
7-story Apartment Building Grade Beam and Slab-on-grade System CNH10.dwg CNH10.dxf CNH10.pdf
Pedestrian Bridge Wood Deck Over Flitch Beams GNBH17.dwg GNBH17.dxf GNBH17.pdf
Minor Bridge Abutment Adjustable Galvanized Steel Abutment System GNBH18.dwg GNBH18.dxf GNBH18.pdf
2nd Floor Addition 123 sf Room Over Patio RMH19.dwg RMH19.dxf RMH19.pdf
Multiple Additions to Residence 260 sf and 468 sf Concrete-less Additions RMH22.dwg RMH22.dxf RMH22.pdf
2-story Residential Addition 355 sf Addition with Crawlspace and 472 sf Addition with Basement RMH25.dwg RMH25.dxf RMH25.pdf
Room and Deck Addition 500 sf Concrete-less Room and 340 sf Deck Addition RMH28.dwg RMH28.dxf RMH28.pdf
Deck Addition 297 sf Covered Wood Deck Addition RMH30.dwg RMH30.dxf RMH30.pdf
New Residence Home in Seismically Active Area RNH14.dwg RNH14.dxf RNH14.pdf
New Residence Home in Expansive Soils with Structural Floor RNH15.dwg RNH15.dxf RNH15.pdf
Excavation Shoring
Deep Basement Excavation Soldier Pile and Lagging with Tie-backs   RW1.dwg  RW1.dxf  RW1.pdf
Underground Research Facility  Shotcrete with Tie-Backs CRP3.dwg CRP3.dxf CRP3.pdf
Oceanside Residence Cantilever and Tie-back Walls RW3.dwg RW3.dxf RW3.pdf
Tension Test Set-up Battered Pile Tension Test with Timber Dunnage LT1.dwg LT1.dxf LT1.pdf
Compression Load Frame Heavy Truss Frame Supported on 8 Anchors LT2.dwg LT2.dxf LT2.pdf
Lateral Test Frame Triangular Truss Frame for Fixed Head Test LT3.dwg LT3.dxf LT3.pdf
Type of Project Description File Name
AutoCAD Data Adobe
Residential Repair Partial Underpinning of Home RRP1.dwg RRP1.dxf RRP1.pdf
Home with Basement Fully Underpinned Home Foundation & Deck RRP2.dwg RRP2.dxf RRP2.pdf
MRI Research Facility  Foundation Underpinning and Excavation Shoring CRP3.dwg CRP3.dxf CRP3.pdf
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