5 Tips for a Safer Construction Site

Working in construction can be dangerous business. To keep workers safe, steps need to be taken to minimize the risk of injury. With heavy machinery and materials inseparable from construction sites, safe practices ensure everyone can go home happy and healthy. Today, we’re going to take a look at five tips you can implement at your construction site to keep workers safe and avoid disaster. If you need high-quality foundation piling and earth anchoring products, look no further than Magnum Piering. Call us today!

-Entering and Exiting Equipment

It might surprise you to learn that one of the most common ways construction workers get injured on the job is when an equipment operator is getting in or out of their equipment. To avoid this type of injury, ensure operators are checking their boots and gloves for mud, oil, or other slippery substances that might cause them to fall. A hand or foothold should always be used when entering or exiting equipment. If it’s needed, a step ladder can make entering or exiting equipment safer as well. Offer a helping hand or ask for help if you need it. There’s no shame in being safe.

-Personal Protective Gear

At all times on a construction site, workers should be wearing their personal protective equipment to help them stay safe while they do their jobs. When workers carry heavy materials, they should be wearing a back brace to prevent back injuries. Gloves and safety glasses need to be worn whenever dangerous tools are being used. Safety harnesses should be used whenever someone is working on a ladder or scaffolding to avoid a fall. If the worksite is wet or otherwise slippery, all workers should wear non-skid rubber footwear to ensure they don’t lose their footing. Ensure first aid kits and fire extinguishers are easily accessible and everyone knows where they are in case an emergency happens. If the job environment has workers dealing with a lot of dust, debris, or dangerous toxins, breathing masks are an absolute must.

-Careful Loading and Unloading Equipment

When working with heavy machinery, it’s important to take extra caution, as you risk it rolling over you as you load or unload it. Make sure ramps you’re using are straight and don’t have any obstructions. Workers should keep a safe distance between the equipment and them in case an emergency occurs. Spotters should be used to ensure equipment is properly guided and clear of the ramp.

-Climbing Hazards

It’s vital to inspect ladders and stairs on a regular basis. Any damaged, loose, worn, or weak spots need to be repaired or replaced quickly before it is used again. If it is raining or otherwise wet outside while working, metal ladders should not be used. If it is an option, an aerial lift or elevated platform is safer than a ladder.


Any time heavy machinery is in use, special care should be taken to keep the area clear and uncrowded. Everyone, whether they’re workers or bystanders, should keep a safe distance from this equipment to avoid a potentially fatal injury.

Construction site safety is not something to take lightly. Foremen must enforce safety policies and ensure everyone is well acquainted with the rules at safety meetings. At Magnum Piering, we’re passionate about construction and the workers who make it happen. Call us today to learn more about our foundation materials.