Piering And The Science Of Foundation Material

Building a foundation is a task that must factor a wide range of potential variables. There are innumerable things that must be accounted for. This very much includes the make-up of the soil type and material upon which your foundation is laid. But even this is a task that requires a good deal of knowledge…read more

Preparing Your Foundation For Summer Heat

Magnum Piering offers products and services for anywhere in the world. Different areas have different climates, and different climates mean different types of soils and other foundation conditions for you to plan for. For those areas north of the equator, the summer months are upon us. Things are starting to heat up, and that means…read more

3 Benefits of Education Seminars

Magnum Piering offers leading piering services. We have expert knowledge in the application and design of helical piles and steel push piers. It is our desire to share this knowledge with you. Accordingly, we offer the ability to schedule education seminars. From engineering and architecture firms to local business groups, Magnum Piering can host an…read more

Reasons For Foundation Failure

If you have found yourself in a position where you are needing piering, you might be wondering what has caused these foundation failures in the first place. Knowing the causes of foundation failure can help you prevent the need for it in the future. In this post, we will explore some of the most common…read more

3 Costly Foundation Construction Mistakes to Avoid

There is an old saying that talks about the importance of a good foundation. Whether you’re talking about it in a construction sense or using it as a metaphor for other life events, it’s the truth. However, when constructing a foundation for a home or building, there are big mistakes that can cause immeasurable and…read more

5 Tips for a Safer Construction Site

Working in construction can be dangerous business. To keep workers safe, steps need to be taken to minimize the risk of injury. With heavy machinery and materials inseparable from construction sites, safe practices ensure everyone can go home happy and healthy. Today, we’re going to take a look at five tips you can implement at…read more

What Is Piering And Why Should Homeowners Be Thinking About It?

When it comes to home buying, we’ve all heard that location is everything. “You can always change the house, but you can’t change where it’s standing!” real estate agents are fond of saying. This mentality has led housing developers to take more liberal risks with the location of their new construction. Today, many homes are…read more

4 Common Types of Foundation Piers

A building is only as sound as its foundation. If the foundation is built on expansive or hydro-compactable soils, or areas in which subsidence is likely to happen, it’s necessary to take action at once. Magnum Piering specializes in the installation of foundation piers that can stabilize a structure built on less than desirable soil.…read more

How Piering Can Protect Your Home From Flooding

Homes constructed in coastal areas, or in-land areas in which flooding is a real and constant possibility are always at risk for foundational shifting. Depending on the type of soil on which the home is built, there can be drastic expansion, shrinking, and rapid settling in the event of ground saturation. There’s also the risk…read more

Pros And Cons Of Slab Foundations

You might be surprised to learn that not all residential and commercial foundations are created equal. We generally think of foundations as a rectangular pit that’s dug several feet into the ground, then filled with concrete to form a basement area that also serves as a solid base for the rest of the structure. This…read more

What’s Involved In Piering Installation?

Knowing that your home is suffering from structural damage brings a lot of stress into the life of a property owner. After all, untreated instability or cracking in a foundation can lead to catastrophic damages that cost many thousands of dollars or even result in the condemnation of you residence. Rather than face these consequences,…read more

Why Is Your Foundation Sinking, Settling, Or Sagging?

Magnum Piering is proud to offer permanent repair solutions for homeowners who’ve discovered problems with their foundation. As the name implies, the foundation is the most important element of your home. If there are weaknesses or inconsistencies with a foundation, rest assured that it will eventually cause major problems. It might not be today or…read more