Helical Piles

Custom-designed helical piles to reach capacities of over 250 tons

Supporting foundation structures at an affordable price

At Magnum Piering, we design helical piles for both a quick and precise installation for your foundation repair project. Bearing deep into the soil to provide foundation support, our piles can reach capacities of over 250 tons with minimal noise and vibration. Browse our high-quality selection of helical piles and cap connections today!

For more information regarding our helical piles and helical pile products, reach out to our team at Magnum Piering.


Perks of Magnum Pieiring’s Helical Piles:

  • Custom-created with high-quality steel

  • Produce minimal noise and vibration

  • Reach capacities of 250 tons and higher

  • Easily load tested to ensure capacity

  • Quick and precise installation

HELICAL PILES: Engineered Piles for your job


Our helical piles at Magnum Piering can be designed to reach capacities of 250 tons and higher. We also have a variety of helical pile cap connection options available for purchase. This makes value engineered designs possible. High production rates ensure your helical piles will reach your job site on time and on budget.
These piles can be installed in low headroom conditions and in areas too difficult to access with conventional drilling equipment. Helical piles produce a low level of noise and minimal ground vibrations. Since they are a soil displacement pile, this piling technique does not produce drill spoils.

Helical Piles
History Of the Helical Pile
The helical pile was first used as a foundation system for river moorings for ships and lighthouses in the 1830s. Irish engineer Alexander Mitchell — a blind brick maker and civil engineer — first invented helical piles constructed of either cast or wrought iron to stabilize structures that were built on mud and sand.
For the residential side, we design helical piles for a rapid and precise installation. Our patented Dual Cutting Edge Helix helps cut through material with a blow count of N greater than 100. Combine this with our moment balanced helices and achieve an extremely accurate helical pile installation. Our 3-inch product line offers four different solutions depending on your load capacity, and all are equipped with a single bolt connection to speed up the helical pile installation process. Once the helical pile has reached termination, the pile cap is fixed to the pile and the next stage of construction can immediately begin. Contact our expert team today for more information about helical piles and helical pile installation.


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