3 Benefits of Education Seminars

Magnum Piering offers leading piering services. We have expert knowledge in the application and design of helical piles and steel push piers. It is our desire to share this knowledge with you. Accordingly, we offer the ability to schedule education seminars. From engineering and architecture firms to local business groups, Magnum Piering can host an education seminar that will teach everyone what they need to know.

Our seminars and presentations offer technical information about piering and foundation repair at both the basic and most advanced levels. Regardless of your needs, the benefits of education seminars are great. We have laid out three benefits to consider.

1. Real-Time Feedback

When it comes to education, there is nothing more effective than real-time feedback. When you are engaged in a seminar, you are able to ask for clarification or more information right then and there. Articles can be extremely informative, but they are no help when it comes to answering your specific questions as they arise. As far as retention and clarity are concerned, having the ability to engage with experts in real-time is difficult to beat.

By partaking in a seminar, you are setting yourself and your employees or clients up for success. You will not only be getting immediate feedback from the experts (more on this soon) but you will also be able to engage in group discussions and activities, which can be important for solidarity, team-building, and developing interpersonal skills. By engaging with knowledgeable individuals in this manner, you are maximizing the odds of everyone gaining foundational knowledge of piering.

2. Networking

Seminars are a fantastic opportunity for like-minded professionals to gather together to learn about a common interest. This allows people to get to know each other, make connections, share ideas and resources, exchange perspectives, and learn from the best minds in the industry.

Whether you’re meeting new people or merely building team solidarity, seminars offer the chance to find solutions to shared problems. These are rare and valuable opportunities. Piering is complex business, and it helps to work together.

3. Engaging With Experts

Perhaps the most salient benefit of educational seminars is the direct interaction with the experts. With most of our seminars being conducted by Director of Engineering Dr. Howard Perko, you can rest assured that everyone will be receiving true expert advice. Dr. Perko is one of the foremost authorities on piering and piles, and it is truly invaluable to have him in-house to answer your inquiries as they come up.

Magnum Piering is an approved American Institute of Architects (AIA) and Continuing Education Unit (CEU) education provider. Engineers or architects needing CEUs/PDHs or LUs/HSWs, please contact us about a seminar at your office or for your local AIA/ASCE chapter meeting.

Magnum Piering is equipped to host education seminars that will benefit and engage all attendees. These types of seminars can prove to be truly invaluable in providing the education that your business or firm needs. Visit our events page to learn more about our education seminars.