Preparing Your Foundation For Summer Heat

Magnum Piering offers products and services for anywhere in the world. Different areas have different climates, and different climates mean different types of soils and other foundation conditions for you to plan for. For those areas north of the equator, the summer months are upon us. Things are starting to heat up, and that means potential changes to foundation conditions.

If you are about to begin foundation work, then it is important to factor in what the soil and weather will likely be like during installation. On the other hand, it can still be important to keep an eye on your existing foundation. This is a good idea year-round, of course. But Magnum Piering has put together some important things to consider as things heat up this summer.

Changes In Soil Conditions

For some areas, the summer months are dry and hot. In other areas, things might be hot but extremely humid. Dry, humid, and everywhere in between: the conditions will affect your foundation. In short, varying amounts of soil cause the soil to expand and retract at different rates.

The summer months often cause the soil to dry out and shrink. When moisture does return, the soil will expand out. This process of expansion and contraction puts stress on the foundations of our homes. The soil will often even expand out on the sides of the homes, quickening the damage to the foundations.

Changes In Concrete

Soil is not the only thing that expands and contracts. Other major areas of your home and foundation will also react to the changing presence of moisture. This includes concrete, which can develop cracks over time. This can seriously undermine the structural integrity of your home. Magnum Piering has the tools needed, from helical piles to foundation jacks, to ensure the durability and safety of your foundations.

Be On The Lookout

Being aware of the potential, and to some extent inevitable, changes that accompany fluctuating weather patterns, is one thing. It’s also important to recognize signs that your foundation might be in need of repair. The following are things to keep your eyes peeled for during these summer months:

  • Sagging roof
  • Changes in doors (e.g. tighter fit in the frame)
  • Gap around doors and windows
  • Cracking soil on your property
  • Cracks in the walls and ceilings, including the basement walls and ceilings

Learn More With Magnum Piering

These are important things to keep in mind during these summer months. But there is much more to learn, regardless of the season. With foundation repair, ‘tis always the season for education.

Magnum Piering takes seriously foundation repair. We want you, your crew, your family, and everyone in between to gain knowledge on foundations. This is why, in addition to our blog posts, we have put together a vast collection of resources available for download. Dive into our resources for design and inspection and our safety guidelines and installation procedures if you want to learn more. Magnum Piering is here to help at all times of the year.