Minor Bridge Abutment

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CADD files for an example adjustable galvanized steel minor bridge abutment system. Excellent example of concrete-less construction that has been used for many pedestrian trail and bike bridges. Slotted holes for receiving steel bridge deck. Two helical piles and two helical anchors resist settlement due to scour, frost heave, and lateral bridge loads. Minimal impact to surrouding wetland vegitation. Helical piles and abutment beams easy to transport to remote bridge locations as compared to concrete. Secondary beam supports edge of approach slab. Unique design has become a standard in some county and township municipalities.


The drawings and design(s) contained in these documents are based on a specific project, location, time, and soil profile for which they were prepared. Obviously, drawings and design requirements are highly dependent on project location, local practice, prevailing codes, and soil profile conditions. Some of the drawing examples are out of date and based on older codes and practices. These drawings and designs are examples intended to be used by design professionals for informational purposes only. Magnum Piering, Inc. makes no assertions as to the accuracy, completeness, compliance with any codes, or applicability of such information for any specific project or condition, nor do we purport the fitness of the designs shown for any intended purpose.

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