Magnum® GeoCalcTM Version 1.2.0 Helical Pile Sizing App

Responsive App for your mobile device or pc.  Download for free and try today.  Input design compression and tension loads.  Input representative soil log with SPT, CPT, or UC soil strength data.  Select trial helical pile sizes from Magnum’s catalog.  App results display estimated capacity and torque with depth.



Video tutorial on how to use the MAG GEO pile sizing app.



Magnum® FLyT3.0 Foundation Layout Tool




Microsoft based PC software runs on Windows 7 or later platforms.  Foundation repairs made easy.  Layout foundation walls in a flash.  Quickly calculate dead and live loads.  Graphical representations of common wall constructions.  Incorporate backfill load.  Automatically estimates minimum number of piles and pile spacing.  Includes residential and commercial wall systems.  Select either push piers or helical piles.


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