7 Reasons Not to Put off Foundation Repairs

The foundation of your home is extremely important as it is literally what is keeping your house standing. If you notice any signs of damage around the foundation of your home, be sure to reach out to a professional foundational repair team. If you are unsure of who to call, Magnum Piering, the leader in…read more

7 Tips for Keeping Your Home’s Foundation Strong

When it comes to home maintenance, the foundation is something that often gets overlooked. We give our homes deep cleans, update the floors, appliances, and other deteriorating items as needed, and take care of seasonal chores such as snow removal and mowing the lawn. But have you taken a second to think about the very…read more

History Of Helical Piles

In our previous blog post, we went back to the basics of helical piles or piers (though the terms are often used interchangeably, there can be technical differences depending on who you’re asking). To expand on the basics of helical piles, Magnum Piering wanted to explore some of the history of helical piles. As we…read more

Helical Piers: Back to Basics


Magnum Piering provides a wealth of information for industry professionals. Our helical products and literature and resources are largely geared toward design professionals, engineers, and installation contractors. Nevertheless, part of the reason why Magnum Piering has such a large collection of resources is because we take foundation repair seriously. We want everyone to be educated…read more

What To Look For In A Manufacturer

For any business, whether a foundation, piling, for excavation contractors and companies, having the right supplies and equipment is vital. That’s why it is essential for these businesses to find the right manufacturers, that not only use quality materials but the tools and service to provide their clients with top-notch results. Finding the right manufacturers…read more

Helpful Tips For Building A Foundation On Sandy Soil

When constructing a residential or commercial building on dense sand is often difficult and can bring a variety of challenges. Sandy soil has naturally shifting characteristics; drainage through sandy soil further increases its shifting properties. This creates difficulty for contractors building structures on this type of soil. Without the proper densification, loose sand does not…read more

Common Types of Soil To Build Foundations On

When it comes to foundation installation, one of the biggest challenges that contractors encounter is building on various types of soil. Although seemingly innocuous, the soil type can potentially have a dramatic impact on foundation repair and installation projects. Each type of soil has different properties that can affect the way a building’s foundation is…read more

Why Choose An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Manufacturer

A reliable manufacturer is the backbone of any successful company, especially in the piering industry. The best suppliers provide you with consistent value in every facet of interaction; value that companies can rely on. But when you are searching for the right manufacturer, there are certain qualities to look for. Companies and contractors in the…read more

The Benefits of Helical Piers

The advantages of helical pier foundation system have made the use of helical piers a popular choice among architects, contractors, structural engineers, and builders. Helical piles, also referred to as helical piers or screw piles, are commonly used for different types of deep foundation solutions. At Magnum Piering, we are one of the industry leaders…read more

What Is A Helical Anchor?

As the economic pressures of the most recent financial crisis begin to fade away, real estate markets are once again on the upswing. Metropolitan areas like Denver, Seattle, Boise and Omaha are going through periods of intense growth, which means that commercial and residential development is in high demand. Developers who are working to meet…read more

What are Foundation Anchors?

What are Foundation Anchors? With a veritable mountain of options when it comes to foundation anchors for repairs, it can be hard to know what you’re being offered by foundation repair companies. For both the Magnum® Steel Push Piering System™ and the Magnum® Helical Pier System™, the foundation repairs are finalized with foundation anchors. A…read more