History Of Helical Piles

In our previous blog post, we went back to the basics of helical piles or piers (though the terms are often used interchangeably, there can be technical differences depending on who you’re asking). To expand on the basics of helical piles, Magnum Piering wanted to explore some of the history of helical piles. As we…read more

What Is A Helical Anchor?

As the economic pressures of the most recent financial crisis begin to fade away, real estate markets are once again on the upswing. Metropolitan areas like Denver, Seattle, Boise and Omaha are going through periods of intense growth, which means that commercial and residential development is in high demand. Developers who are working to meet…read more

What are Foundation Anchors?

What are Foundation Anchors? With a veritable mountain of options when it comes to foundation anchors for repairs, it can be hard to know what you’re being offered by foundation repair companies. For both the Magnum® Steel Push Piering System™ and the Magnum® Helical Pier System™, the foundation repairs are finalized with foundation anchors. A…read more