We take seriously the responsibility of passing on knowledge of our products and the foundation design process.

We want to ensure that your foundation project goes as smoothly as possible, including maximizing safety and efficiency through the entire process

We have put together a variety of design and inspection resources as a way to help ensure quality and reliability of our products. This collection of design and inspection resources are available for download.

In these documents you can find a variety of diagrams, illustrations, and vital information for foundation design. We have literature that lays out some of the following:

  • Moment design considerations
  • Recommendations on geotechnical reports
  • Corrosion and life expectancies
  • Sizing guides for helical piles
  • Information on capacities, lengths, and more

You can get all this information and so much more. Our resources even include slideshow presentations, so you can stay involved and informed. A good starting place is our presentation on Reliability and Theory of Helical Pile Sizing. We have also put together a collection of safety guidelines and installation procedures available for download. Whether you want to know about the specifics of our Magnum Piering products or want to dive deeper into the foundations of foundation repair, our collection of design and inspection resources is there to assist.

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